How to find the wifi code of your house if it has been changed?

my dads changed the wifi code of our house, and i was wondering whether there is something or some way that i could be able to get the code? we have a netgear modem.

thanks :)

I take it that you must have been grounded or something. Just deal with it, and get him back on his good side. 

You could possibly get it from the router, if you know the login credentials, it should be under wireless security. That's how I got the password for wireless at my house.

Check their laptop/computer. Under wireless you can view the password. However if your grounded, Just find something else to do.

Type your router's ip address into the address bar in your browser. It should ask you for a password which is usually admin for both or admin/1234 for the username password. That is unless your dad changed that aswell in which case you're kind of fucked. You can change the password under the wireless security tab. 

if your router has WPS you could use that to connect, the WPS pin should be on the bottom of the router