How To Find Compressed Video File(s) On Android 8 AKA Oreo?

This post is definitely a little different compared to what I normally do, but as applies to anything in life, I still have much to learn.

I recently shot a video several days ago on my mom’s phone & just today, I was hoping to send it (To more than 1 contact at once.) so that the other members of the family could view it. Only problem was I couldn’t upload it due to it being too large. So, I decided to compress it to reduce it’s size. I used Video Compressor from Mobile idea Studio & it worked, but I now have a problem: I don’t know how to find the video file I compressed earlier. So if anyone here can give me some guidance on that, I would be very grateful! :slight_smile:

Usually there is a “share” function in most apps that allow to transfer to elsewhere, maybe in one of the options, there is a choice on where to save the file?

If I may propose an alternative solution:

Cant you just transfer the files into a PC via USB and do the processing (compression, resizing, etc) there?

The other place I would look is on the sdcard under Movies. The app will probably have a folder there.