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How to do incremental backups of a unraid nas?

PLEASE HELP I just want to do daily incremental backups, currently i have a unraid setup running a win 10 VM, im not a command line user so please don’t recommend that option :frowning: I just want an incremental backup for my home office the most date i write could be from 1 to 10 Gb a day on the most extreme case, but the incremental backups have save me before from user error or clients requests.
So far i have tried cobian backup on the vm machine but it cant read the file property correctly so it always make a full backup instead of incremental, I purchased AOMEI backuper profesional but it have a similar problem. I post this same problem on unraid forum with no answer :frowning:

Pleaseeee helpppp meeee, seriously its bad for me.