How to disable Notifications Popup in Ubuntu GNOME 14.04

It's pretty annoying and I cant find a way to disable it! Whenever my mouse gets close to the bottom of the screen it just pops up and displays 'No Messages'. I click the settings bar and disable it but it till pops up. Thank you.

I think many of the popups are sent through notify-send. Correct me if I'm wrong.

The notify-send package uses notify-osd to render them on screen. I guess a crude and brutal way would be to either uninstall notify-osd (if you uninstall notify-send the package manager might complain, because applications which send out notifications rely on it directly) or to eliminate the source of the notifications.

Before uninstalling notify-osd, though, open a terminal and type

notify-send hello

and verify that it is this type of notification you're willing to remove.