How To De-Suck Realtek Ethernet

I have 2 ethernet adapters in my PC. One is a motherboard Realtek RTL8168C, the other is an ancient Infineon AN983B PCI adapter. Both give me problems when gaming, the Realtek more so than the Infineon. Is there a way to make either of these suck less? I swear there was a Maks Hacks or similar video a while back on just this subject, how to make Realtek suck less. Money isn't something I have right now so an upgrade isn't exactly possible.

Yeah for me at least. I've heard bad things about the Realtek. The problems I'm having with the Infineon I think is just do to its age.

Is there any possibility it ir your router? Bad QOS? Dodgey ports? Super long ass cable?

I ask as I run Realtek and while Intel and possibly Killer NIC is better it really should not make this big of a difference.

It might be my router, I am not completely sure. I have an Arris DG860 connected via 2 ethernet cables to both ethernet adapters in my PC. They aren't very long cables.

i know your pain.

Realtek lan just stinks..

you could try the newest drivers, but probably wont solve the problem. realtek lan can cause some serious latency issues.

i avoid every mobo, which has realtek lan on it. Those leaking drivers just pissing me off lol ☺

I had no choice at the time :/ It was what I could afford. Come to think of it, would my motherboard chipset have anything to do with it?

Well i have a AMD board with realtek lan, and windows 7.

And it allready causing me headaces allmost 2 years. I have to say in wiindows 8.1 my problems seem to be less there. i tried this with a clean windows 8.1 install on a spare drive. There was an improvement on lag for me. However i dont like windows 8.1 so thats not a solution for me.

Can you discribe your problem ?

When playing a multiplayer on any game, my ping will say around 60 or less, but feel like its well past 150. Another problem that may not be with the ethernet but I feel like it is. I get this weird stuttering lag as if my PC freezes completely for less than a second at random intervals. The reason I think the ethernet is to blame, is because a few months back I had a problem where, when gaming, the Realtek adapter would crash for no reason, it did this quite often. I updated the drivers as best I could and the problem nearly stopped, only doing it twice after updating, but now I have this weird lag spike instead, which is not picked up when recording video.

Are you on windows 7?

Sounds very familier

Yes, running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Ah yes me 2.

THe problem is memory leaking most likely cause by the realtek chip / drivers.

Wenn your system is starting to freeze, just open task manager, and check the cpu ussage on audiodg.exe.

I think you have the same issues as i have. Wenn i play online games, after a few minutes everything starts to lagg as hell.


That would explain it pretty well, but how would I go about fixing this without spending money to upgrade?

also did dp latency test on my audio. wenn i play audio in winamp, with dp latency test everything goes well as long as i have disabled my lan controller. the dp latency stays nice in the green without spikes.

However as soon as i enable the lan chip, after a minute or 2 the dp latency start to spike in the yellow / reds. and then i get a dp latency error. Log file tells me its caused by the realtek lan chip.

I have to say wenn i tried windows 8.1 i had a pirated version downloaded, i had less problems. It seems like windows 7 X64 utlimate just doesn´t seem to like realtek lan chips / drivers. in windows 8.1 it seem to reduced the lagg allot.

Microsoft has a hotfix for windows 7 leaking audiodg.exe. however it did not work for me.

an Intel pcie nic is like 25 bucks

thats $25 more than I currently have. I have no money at all with no job.

Till now i unfortunatly dont have a solution for it.

I allready fighting 2 years with this..

A solution that works for some people is disable audio effects at your playback devices.

Again not a solution for me, because then i dont have audio in my online java games anymore.