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How to create and configure network bridge for KVM in Pop_OS


Hi guys

I’m trying to set up a bridged connection for my VMs in virt-manager I’ve tried several tutorials and I can’t get it to work. I’m running Pop_os if anyone’s got a tip or a good tuto, I’m all ears.



If you’re just trying to stand up a VM that appears on your LAN like it’s a standalone system, virt-manager should be automagic.

  • Select your NIC (if you have multiple) for Network Source.
  • Source mode: Bridge

Downside, host-to-vm communication goes over your LAN.

Upside, it’s extremely easy to conceptualize.



Host to guest communication might not even work at all in some scenarios



thanks I don’t really care for host to guest it’s more about the VM accessing and being accecible on the network so it works great I think I was looking for something more complex than needed. thanks a lot

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