How to configure PFSENSE and Virtual box

Hi Sir,

Please help me how to configure my pfsense and virtual box with a single LAN interface on my computer, i want to control the internet bandwidth each of computer. please see attached setup

You need two network interfaces to put pfsense inline unless you have a switch capable of splitting your network into VLANs

Hi thro,

Sorry for the wrong diagram i attached the correct diagram, Yes i agreed with the dual Interface and already test the dual interface on a single PC with virtual box pfsense. Now, i want to test a single interface in a single PC with virtual box pfsense because I encountered this set up one of my client on their internetcafe, what was happen the server with virtualbox pfsense, one of the SSD was broken and that is the main harddisk, all the configuration even the OS was gone, but before the ssd broken i already configured their pfsense for the other filtering. Now i just replicating the setup and configuration but nothing happen.

also there is no vlan on the old configuration because, i can ping the modem ip address via client pc even when i check the backup files of the pfsense no vlan

no vlan = any client can just change their gateway/ip to route out via your router.

if you want to do this properly, add a second NIC (even a cheap USB adapter for say $10-30) to your pfsense instance and place it in-line so that clients must route through it.

not really going to comment on what whoever else was doing as i didn’t see it; but without VLANs, trying to run a firewall with one interface is just pure folly.