How to Commemorate 2600k?

Just replaced my 2600k with a 8700k after my pci-e slot had died. I had the 2600k since January 2011. So nearly 8 years. I was 23 when I bought it and am 31 now. So basically my entire Adult gaming life has been with it. Almost every gaming friend I have right now, i met using this CPU. It was a beast when i got it and was still going strong when I had to replace it. I was thinking of a tattoo, but like the 2600k is visually so similar to every other CPU, it seems kind of pointless. Another idea is preserving the chip somehow. Like in resin or something. Has anyone ever done something like that?

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Shadow box and hang it on a wall?

Drill a hole and use as necklace


can you think of any material that would aesthetically fit with a cpu and also be like strong, durable and comfortable for the string part of a necklace?

also, with the 2600k being soldered, is there a way to fairly fool proofly remove the ihs, without aesthetically destroying the cpu?

Why not continue to use the system, but instead of for games, use it for other things, such as a little file server or plex server or esxi box?


I second this. I myself am planning on doing the same thing with my old 8800 gt board.

buy a cheap sandy bridge motherboard off ebay and resurrect it :smiley:

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This is how I preserve/glorify my tech Manly GPUs. I just dust them off a few times, nothing to crazy.

For my CPU I left it in the original motherboard I even had the original ram in it (maybe I will put it back in). What I want to do is a stand, so it will be like it’s now but on it’s own with LEDs shining onto it.

The biggest benefit of doing it this way is you can say it’s 8 years old and still works.
Hope you get some inspirations.

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I have a hard time suggesting this of a valid part but I make CPU keyrings from dead CPUs for fun. Some I tore the dies I tore the dies in had, others I put designs on the heat spreaders. All made up of CPUs, Yoyo string, Guitar and bass string ball ends and occasional keyring trinkets too for colour. So a bunch of hobbies all commentated in a nice piece I see every day.