How to close a program with just keyboard

Whenever a fullscreen game crashes, it locks my mouse, and it alt+f4 does nothing, ctrl+alt+delete doesn't work because I need a mouse to use task manager. I ended up having to sign out and sign back in, but at the time, I had a download in progress, so I lost all of that.

Really pisses me off how I had no control over closing the damn thing.

Probably Alt-Tab to get to your desktop, then Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open task manager. Then you should be able to use your arrow keys to navigate to the process, and then delete to end it.

This is just of the top of my head, it might not work.

when I tried to alt tab, I just had a black screen (from the game) and couldn't click on anything but my start menu and taskbar

You don't need a mouse to use Task Manager, or nearly any program really.

You can also use Ctrl + Shift + Esc to directly bring up Task Manager. Once it is launched use the Tab key, which will select different UI elements. From there you can use the arrow keys to further navigate. Once you have something selected you can use Alt + * shortcuts to perform an action. For example, once you have selected a process by using Tab and arrow keys, press Alt + E to end the process. You can identify which action will happen when pressing a certain key by looking for which letters are underlined.

Seen here, the E on the End Task button is underlined, so I'd simply press Alt + E to end the Weather app which is selected.

There is also a button on your keyboard beside the right-hand Ctrl button which looks like a context menu with a cursor on it. Pressing this button will bring up the context menu for a selected item as you were to right-click it with your mouse so you can still access those functions without a mouse. Note that in some instances you may have to press the Alt key on it own first in order to display the underlined letters. Hope this helps.

brilliant. Thanks so much.