How to clean your computer

[note: this is for the noobs, not the l33t]

[note to self: find the damn usb-cable]

Hello there, my name is Viktor and today I will explain to you in detail how to clean your computer from dust.

You will need:

Canned air


Anti-static stuff

First, unplug your computer. Then remove the side door. Unplug all the hardware, if you know that you are going to ask yourself "cable goes where?" after you are done cleaning, draw yourself a map or something. I'm serious.

Unscrew and unplug all the hardware. Do not put it near some sort of liquid. If you have a anti-static bag or something, put your hardware on that.

Clean all the hardware with canned air. Be extra careful when cleaning the RAM. Do not put your fingers all over it.

Remove the cpu-fan. Note that you should only remove the fan if you do not wish to put on some new thermal paste. Clean it with canned air.

If you havent removed your PSU already, do it now. Clean all the holes with canned air.

Use the rest of your canned air to clean you case and fans.

I think that would cover it all...for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Rock on.

Thanks for the good advice, will keep all the stuff in mind for my next clean up ;)


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Frank..stupid question but..Where do I get cheap, efficient anti-static stuff? Unless they are cheap I'm assuming..


It comes with some graphic-cards and HDD.

furion. go to best buy, pick an anti static wrist strap up for 5 bucks

i just take everything out unsrew the srews so i can get to the parts and wash them with soap water. once i hit the motors and stuff i use dust air.

compressed air FTW!

good advice, I just wish I had a big ass air compressor like blooddrunk

nono not an air compressor, i meant a can of compressed air.

Thanks for this, I was just thinking of cleaning my comp :D