How to choose the right computer


I am searching for a new computer. And I don't know much about it, so I thourght you maybe could help me a little. 

I have some requirements to the computer:

1) I need it when I'm in school, and when I do my homework.

2) It would be great if it has a battery with a long life time, so it doesn't need to charge all the time.

3) It would be great if it is fast in starting up, I've heard that if it has an SSD driver, it is faster, but also more expensive, so I've heard of some, that has both SSD and HDD driver, which makes them faster in starting up than a HDD driver, but of course more slow than an only SSD ddriver.

4) I also think that the sice about 14" is pretty good.

5) It may not weigh to much, preferably about 2 kg.

6) I should could play games like "War of the Imortals" - so the graphic card, needs to be okay good. ;)

7) And then it may not be to expensive, wich I know makes it all much harder, I've seen some to about 6000 DKK (1.040,38 USD).  And it may not cost much more than 6500 DKK (1.127,08 USD).

N.B. I've heard that Intel makes good processors, which doesn't use all the CPU right away, so maybe if the processor is from Intel?

I hope someone can help me. Thanks.

Ultrabooks are freaking amazing for school and home use.



Both have 32GB SSD Cache, so you're not going to feel much difference going from regular HDD to real SSD.

If you want SSD:

I threw a Crucial M4 64GB SSD in my 3 year old ASUS UL80 laptop, and it's like getting a brand new + longer batterylife.

Intel 4000 graphics is OK for gaming, but not extreme. But it will save you more battery than if it had a dedicated GPU.

Just my 50 øre.

Well get the ultra books if you know you aren't gonna play too many newer games, other wise I would say you should get one with either an graphics card or an AMD APU, the Tirinity parts should have okay/great battery life too.

The ultrabooks gaming performance is generally quite poor:

The above is an i5-3427u hd 4000 graphics and is a (presumably) better than the i5-3317u hd 4000 that is in the two laptops Ruffe posted.

I just have to ask, what other games do you intend to be able to play? Because if it's only war of the Immortals you should be okay with those two.

ok, my recomendation is a laptop with the APU and a dedicated gpu. i got a laptop on newegg that had an A6(6550) + a 6620. it is damn fast. im maxing out borderlands 2 and playing skyrim on high. it cost me 500 dollars.... lol

1.7 GHz -> 2.6 GHz Turbo boost (17W TDP) is the ideal CPU for school usage and home entertainment. Intel's 4000 graphics is OK for light and casual gaming. My G210M plays LoL @ medium settings. That's more than I could ask for :)

What really makes these ultrabooks ideal is the already-installed 32GB cache SSD which will greatly improve read/write performance and boot time, which can be a time-killer when you're in school (I know from own experience), and unnecessary loadtimes is a waste of battery.

AMDs APU are better for gaming, yes. But the catch...


For school usage a ultra book is superior

For gaming on "good" settings, and higher frames better go APU or Graphics card.

Bless Denmark for their amazing prices ;)

Just an example:

an i7-3960x is 1029.99 $ on

An i7-3960x is 7199,- (DKR) : 1244.16 $ on

Roughly 25% more. (Couldn't find the same laptop on the 2 shops)


These ultra books are coming into the market place without an optical drive. Now a lot of people say you don’t need one. Well, I myself have lots of data and games on DVD and unless you are willing to transfer all of that to sticks find one with an optical drive. You are going to need an optical drive for the transferring anyway. Funny that the drivers come on a DVD for an Ultra Book that has no optical drive. And yes I know to get the latest from the website but you get my meaning.

can someone find me a Danish online store so I can recommned some things

My friend has asked me, if I want to play Guild wars 2, so maybe i'm gonna play that too.


This is where i often try to look for some good computers :)

okay I got to go to work, I'll make a list when I get back in about 6-8 hours

I think she's looking for something more portable, gigabuster.