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How to change Office365 password without breaking access to Outlook?




If I change password in Office 365 it completely breaks access from Outlook.

Outlook will inform me that I need to enter the new password but it never lets me, after entering the username the dialog box simply disappears and never asks for a password.
Using the Microsoft Office Uninstall Tool to get rid of everything Office, then rebooting the PC and installing Office again doesn’t solve the problem.

This problem is consistent across all Windows 10 machines. On Windows 7 it allows me to enter the password and immediately works again.

Can’t be right it’s not possible to change password without breaking stuff… Microsoft, please fix!

Someone has a workaround or solution?



Have you tried re-creating the profile? I’m not sure if uninstalling does this or not

Opening a ticket with MS will probably yield the quickest solution

Also remove the account from your Windows keychain


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this issue across our 500+ employee O365 based company, I’ve seen Office deactivating because it cannot talk to the activation servers…but not surrounding a password change. I would first check Outlook, File, Office Account. Make sure it’s the right account signed in, and maybe sign out and back in to make sure it’s got the updated password (by default when your domain password changes on O365/Azure AD servers Outlook/office are supposed to auto updated).

It could be that Office can no longer communicate with the MS servers, so I’d check the Network List Service. I’ve seen this randomly turned off in the past few months and has been the primary cause of Office loosing it’s Activated status/


What version of Office? 2007 doesn’t work on O365 but I doubt you’re using that


The uninstall tool is supposed to get rid of everything, including profiles and all related settings. It also gets rid of any other versions of Office on the PC, not just the most recent one.

I’ve had a couple tickets with MS on this issue but they don’t have any actual solution to the problem as usual. I don’t want to spend another hour on the phone listening to someone hard to understand, that’s why I’ve come here in hope of a permanent solution.

Thanks for the tips, will try.


The right account is signed in, but it never asks for the new password and there’s no way for me to enter the password.

This is how it works out chronologically:

  • Change password in the Office365 admin center
  • Outlook complains in the lower right corner that it needs a new password, however the button doesn’t work at all, nothing happens when I click it
  • Uninstalling Office and all related settings using the MS uninstall tool
  • Reinstall Office
  • Outlook now asks for account details so I enter my email after which it tells me there’s a problem of some sorts (no useful details and clearly there’s no problem but the incompetence of MS)
  • Attempting to add the account under File -> Account Settings doesn’t work. It never asks for the password.

I guess I’ll just reinstall Windows and never change my password for Office ever again.


See if it does the same thing on another PC. Prolly is something to do with Windows like you said


Out of curiosity, are you running a O365 Hybrid system? In other words do you have a local Active Directory server that syncs up with the O365 cloud system?

If so, changing the password on the cloud side only could cause issues as the sync is really only one direction, from on prem to cloud. So you may be having a password conflict between the local AD (and your local machine) and O365 cloud.


Try clearing the password from Credential Manager in control panel. Sometimes Outlook keeps pulling the password from there even after it has been changed.

If the account is using MFA you will need to enter the authenticator app password instead of normal login password.


It’s a standalone O350 setup, no sync with AD.