How to Block Torrents in Router

I prolly would've just changed the wifi password until he agreed to stop torrenting.

Then, three strike system. Three strikes and he has to go to the library for wifi.

It's pretty easy to block vpns as the servers always have fixed ip addresses, you could just get a list of known vpn servers and block them all, or block whichever one he's using.

Changing what port you use makes no difference because a) the port isn't being forwarded anyway and b) you can't change the ports that other people are using. If you block all the ports that aren't used for Web traffic and whatever else that will effectively block torrents as most people use some random high port number not 443 or 53 or something sneaky like that.

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Doesn't get a laptop? How kindly would you take it if a bunch of people your age tried to confiscate your stuff?

Treat him like an adult, then deal with it like an adult. No passive-aggressive BS and no disrespect.

So, I came up with an interesting solution. I blocked the ports 6800-7000, and some of the popular torrent sites. I'll probably add the list of known VPNs, port 1337, and tweak few more things on firewall...
But the main part is... I created guest network, where everyone else connects, limiting bandwidth, and number of devices that can connect. So even if others saturate their fair share of connection, it doesn't affect me.

Thanks for the ideas and support.

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That won't do much for you, virtually no one is using the standard ports, they just use some random high port, so you have to pretty much block everything to prevent someone connecting to peers. Also make sure that you're blocking the outgoing traffic, as inbound traffic should all be blocked by default anyway.

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If I could set threshold on the number of incoming and outgoing p2p connections, then I wouldn't have to play cat and mouse game with blocking ports.
I'll be expanding the list of blocked ports with time, as I figure which I can shot, and which ones I should keep. At the same time, I'm exploring all the functionalities this router has. :D

The easiest thing to do is block ports 1024-65535 then just open whatever ports you need, if any. You won't be able to block torrent ports on a case by case basis as every user will be using a random port