How to Block Torrents in Router

Hi! Can you please help me how to block torrent traffic in router?

I live in student dormitory, and I share my WiFi with the rest of the room. However, one of my roommates has been extensively downloading stuff on torrents over past two months. Real a***ole, if you ask me. While I cannot confirm if it's piracy or not, the real problem is that he eats up all the bandwidth. That makes it next to impossible for the rest of us to even do basic things on the internet, such as reading and writing emails, and so on.

Now, the easiest way would be just to block all TCP and UDP ports, but would it block any other P2P stuff, such as Viber and Skype? Considering that all of us in the room relay on VoIP in one form or another, it would be important to maintain this functionality, while blocking torrents.
Limiting the bandwidth is also a good idea, but I would still prefer to block the torrents in router, at least to some extent.

The router in question, or access point if you prefer, is D-Link DAP-1155/A.

Tell you RA about it and the dean of students. They'll just kick him off the WAN and keep him local.

Alternatively just confront him about it with the others and if he doesn't comply with your group's rules then he doesn't get a laptop. Treat him like a little kid. Its your room too, not just his. I made issues for my room mate, but I'm ASD. I really cannot read faces. He never confronted me, never said anything to me except hello and bye. When he decided to talk to me he tried to get me thrown out of the dorm and expelled. Don't let it get to that level.

Confront him first, if he's a dick go to the RA and ask what to do.


Depending on the firewall of your router you can block application on it, meaning that you can block deluge, utorrent, etc.

Additionally you can blacklist Pirate Bay etc, and QoS his workstation down to like 3Mbps.

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That is the first step......

Dont do that, thats how people try to kick you out and call you an asshole

just explain it as you did, slows you all down and you dont want piracy done on your wifi (as you said you share so I'm taking it as you pay for it)

Good idea

Just be an adult about it, if he says "fuck off" block him from the network. Dont talk down to him, that wont help anyone and is just as assholeish as him slowing everyone down

going up the chain is last step and should be done after all hope is lost


Nothing you can do but talk to him.
You can block stuff like that but as anybody here knows all you need is a good vpn. if one is not already being used

You could use something like wireshark to see if it is piracy or not. Just filter for stuff like the piratebay. If it is then confront him and ask him to stop. Piracy can affect all of you not just him.


You might be able to throttle him using QoS based on IP/MAC depending on your router. Do you have one or is it all managed in the building.


You can't actually block ALL of the ports, certain UDP ports are used for regular DHCP. What you need to do is block all unused (open ports).

Basically, if an applications needs the ports forwarded, you put it on a whitelist.

What you need to do, is set bandwidth limiter to allow no more than any one node to use more than 60% of the total alloted bandwidth, that will ensure that no matter how busy he is or anyone else doing stuff there will be enough for other people to do what they need to get done. But, torrenting programs often allow you to set bandwidth limiters to not congest the network, so first talk to him and see if you can work something out. If he can't be reasoned with, then enforce the new policy.


If hes smart he can easily get around this. Would also be unfair to set all his traffic as last priority, this is a bandwidth issue. What I'm worried about, is if he would poison the ARP table in retaliation if OP skips straight to a more violent approach.

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If your firewall allows you to block outbound traffic just block everything above port 1000 and allow anything you use. That will pretty much stop any torrents from working properly.

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Many better router firewalls allow "anonymous proxy" blocks as well that's mostly encompassing and affects most VPN systems.

We did it couple of times, because this isn't the first time he abuses the common stuff, simply making problems for everyone. He is a kind of person that will apologize politely, but as soon as you turn your back, he'll start plotting and scheming, and wait for the first instance to repeat the very thing he was asked not to.

Already tried, but how can you reason with unreasonable? As you said, I do pay for it, and I don't mind making it available for others. Internet is a common good in my opinion, and it just makes so many things easier. But it pisses me off when someone so bluntly abuses what's basically a good will.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, he's not that tech savvy. He studies some kind of management, and I bet he doesn't understand even the basic concepts about internet. The guy is just being ignorant asshole. This is why I want to stay out of conflict, and just elegantly block this stuff in router. I bet he won't even realize that he's being blocked or throttled.

Yes. What I have here is an old D-Link DAP-1155/A, but I think it does have an option to throttle a machine based on its MAC. Have to consult manual for this. I never really had to do this before.

This is what I want to do. Just which TCPs, and which UDPs should I block? I know that TCP 80, 25, 22, and 21 should stay open, as well as UDP 53. But I never had to do this before, so maybe I'm not getting it all straight.

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Leave everything under port 1000 open and block everything above it. But you'll have to open stuff that you use like Skype or games or whatever.

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why not just block him from the router?

If someone did that to me I would, if he apologizes let him back on........but not before at lest blocking all torrent sites and doing what @kungr was saying.

could do what @Dexter_Kane too if you don't need it for games skype and the like

also idk about you but I don't share shit for free, kinda lame that no one is chipping in from what it sounds like. Hell I'd make someone for sure if being an ass.

Make him pay to use your stuff, like 5 bucks or something cheap like that. Get yourself a coffee or a beer on him every month lol

What if he is encrypting traffic through VPN or On the Torrent software ( encrypt stream bidirectional ) wireshark would only show you that there is encrypted traffic I presume.

That's not the only way to get torrents. All you need is the hash of the torrent and off you go !

But if



Would not be true lol

Blocking torrent sites is a sisyphean task, it's not worth the effort involved.

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Like this.


Sharing the net can cause issues and for some reason STILL in 2016-2017
home consumer routers still dont support traffic shaping or support fans in modem/routers
(Modem routers overheat a lot in AU)

I suggest either , cutting the id0it off or
setting up an DIY home Smoothwall/pfsense router box
using old junk p4/pc or raspi

Didnt teks do a video on this ? I know l1nus went thou several cpu's
like a typical dill and built some really over powered router but you can
do it on low end stuff

There is no way to really block it as there are always ways around like changing up the ports or VPN.

You can block the default ports, give the guy a warning, and block him if he does not respect your wishes.

Just restrict his bandwidth as that what i have done with people who torrent.
If he bypasses it kick him off and tell him why and if he does not like it to get his own connection.