How to best use your SSD's and HD's

Hi everyone.


I just set up my pc again and I don't know how to use my space.

I have got:


1 SSD Samsung 840 Pro 120GB new

1 SSD Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB old and lot of use.

2 HDD WD black 1000GB used

1 HDD Seagate 1000GB used


I have a NAS with all my data, music and photos (ca. 1TB)  with I like to backup to my pc too just in case something happans to it.


Data and programs should be seperated. the Samsung ssd is for System, Drivers and most used programms only.


what is the best way to get it all to work.



I would use samsung 840 evo as boot drive. raid 0 those 2 WD black drives and use it as my gaming/program directory. I would use my HyperX as my priority gaming HD for skyrim and other games that needs fast loading or big files. And seagate as my storage/backup HD since they are tougher than WDs.

If you're familare with mklink and system link then it's easier. Also put ur temp files in the raid 0 WDs for faster transfer etc. Disable Indexing on your boot drive etc.. the whole 9 yards to SSD optimization etc...

Then again those WD are hot so it all depends on you. I've gotten rid of most my WD black cuz they heat the give off is not warranted for the 20-50MB/s extra speed compared to seagates.

Heres more for further reads:

1 SSD Samsung 840 Pro 120GB USe for the OS

1 SSD Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB for commonly used programs and games.

2 HDD WD black 1000GB used. Setup in RAID 1 and use for storing important stuff you don't wish to lose. 

1 HDD Seagate 1000GB used Use for the rest of the games or programs you have and storage of files you don't care to lose.