How to automatically change MobaXterm tab names?

So I’ve just started using MobaXterm for ssh sessions and I’m really liking it. Lots of great features. But there’s just one thing that would make it perfect. I use one “launch” type server, where I store a key to connect to all my other servers. So I log into this server, and from there ssh to all my other servers. I have a couple hundred, so it was a bit easier to do this than to set up putty sessions for every server.
Anyway, when I ssh to the secondary server, the tab names remains the name of the original “launch” server. Is there a way to have Moba read some variable and know what server I’m on and dynamically change the tab name?

If this isn’t possible, I may just set up sessions for everything and just connect directly to them, but there are other benefits this launch server provide, so was hoping to stick with it. Thanks!