How the hell can you play games on the PC? (rant)



Now before I go off, I'd like to say that I do like PC and I know of the pros and cons of both parties, so i'm not shitting on PC here.


90% of my games just frankly, play, like, shit and make consoles look good.


If they aren't crashing then they're glitching or not properly windowed or not even loading and they're super unrelaxing.


I love the graphics and the frame rate, but that's all that PC seems to have for me due to all the games I play on it playing like fucking shit. but i can't go to console because it's too ugly, it works, unlike PC, but it's super ugly.

I know this is an extreme 1st world problem, but i'm not gonna chuck 3 fucking thousand dollars at a PC for it to barely work.




Like how do you do it? Or am I just having an extremely unfortunate experience?



GTA IV shows a black, but plays music or it glitches out with GFWL or it doesn't load the social club thing and more.

Modern Warfare 2 didn't start at until I did some random thing and it's in two parts, multiplayer and singleplayer.

Doom loads on random screens on random resolutions.

Assetta corsa says it has full controller support but the controller doesn't work.

Dead Island 1 is fucked, it's just fucking fucked man!

Sleeping dogs crashes sometimes on benchmarks.


I want to love PC gaming but all it's given me is pure fucking hatred and the filthy dirty thought of going back to consoles.


Is it that hard to play bf3 on the M/K at the desktop and do some serious gaming and then chill out on the TV with a controller, the answer is yes, and it's unbelievable! They port these games from console SO SHITILY that they can't even support controller on PC.. I mean GOD DAYYUUMM!!!!



Please, If i pay you the price of a 780ti and 4790k and samsung 850 Pro and z97 mobo, god damn perform like it! Instead of taking my money!






So sorry for the rant/extreme question (yes it was actually a question haha).

How the hell do you deal with PC gaming? What are your pro tips for the best experiences?


I will be in your dept if you can turn these angries in happies.

Ever since consoles became online capable developers dropped their ball on quality control. It's more and more common that games will not work without a day one patch when you put your disc in and while this isn't too much of an issue it's not what consoles are supposed to be.

And to PC gaming, it's certainly not for everyone. Most of the time you have to like to tinker with settings to get games to work properly but then there's also many shining examples of very good PC ports in the last couple years like Tomb Raider 2013 and Hitman Absolution. Yes those are both from Square Enix who turned out to be a very good PC publisher in the recent years now rerelasing former Sony exlusive final fantasy titles to steam.

On the other hand there is Ubisoft who while releasing their games mostly functional on PC do it with delay or deliberately gimp graphical fidelity to make their console versions not look as bad like with Watch_Dogs or most recently a statement of them saying that Far Cry 4 will look just as good on Consoles as the Ultra setting on PC.

In the end it really comes down to the developer of the games not on the platform. If they don't put effort into making their games work like it was the case with Dark Souls for PC sooner or later the community will release a mod to make it work.

I personally have a Wii U and a PC (specs on my profile) and i do not like the restrictive nature of consoles as much as the freedom i have on PC. Yes it might not always work out of the box but at least i get the option to make it work myself.

You've played some of the worst optimized games out there. Seriously, many will agree with me.

Doom loads on random screens on random resolutions

How so? Which doom? I don't remember zDoom or Doom3 with Sikkmod and wulfen texturepack being a nuisance on my i7 4770 and gtx 770 windows 7. I wouldn't touch Dead island, gta 4 or Sleeping Dogs without some serious modding, they're renown for their shitty performance. Even Crysis 1 looked and performed better at launch when drivers weren't mature enough for it.

My pro tip for the best experience on a PC is to play actual PC games, not shitty ports like what Ubisoft and loads of others churn out. Especially since you're a graphics whore. There's way too many games out there and I can't tell you a good one based on what you've played. I'm sure many will come in and recommend you the good stuff.

Also, learn to appreciate games not solely by their fancy 'modern' graphics, Call of Duty is seriously outdated yet pulls off that modern look with cheap effects that work on last gen consoles. Battlefield 3 doesn't even look that good maxed out in my opinion, have you seen what modding can do to Skyrim or even the Source engine?

I bet all the mouthbreathers reading this will instantly point you to buy a Mac.

* Watch_dogs not sleeping dogs. There's worse to come from Ubishaft. They've tarnished their solid reputation in just a few years by simply being assholes to PC gamers.

Well, shit, whatever I play in my steam library runs just fine and dandy.

Interesting how you've experienced so many problems.

Sounds like the hardware isnt to blame. Perhaps tone down the language as well eh.

Just the old Dooms, I guess it makes sense, but still, they run a lot better on the 360, and that's like a ported port..


Yeah I have noticed that some of those games are the worst ports in the world, it's a shame too :(

And once modded Gta IV (yeah I've experienced the beauty of it :D) works, it really does work, crashes every so often, but I guess that;s PC gaming for ya.


But what really knocks me down, spits in faces, and verbally belittles me, is when I just sit down and go "ahhh haven't played this since me ol' console days.. let's check it out!" *updates for 10 minutes* *has some random glitch that I have to do a quick google online for* *then partly plays* YAY!.. :|


I have also been just thinking that and maybe I should just play PC games on PC, or extremely good ports like Tomb Raider, I feel a little robbed though with my steam library still, with it being full of unplayable games.


Watch_Dogs (I got both the dog games) Didn't work AT ALL on launch or for a few weeks.. there would be 100s of people fired at microsoft/sony/ubisoft if that happened on console I tell ya what.


Well, what are some really good PC games? I've been looking at Kingdom Come and it seems bloody amazing, and he's using a controller on the PC on the demo! :D but it's 2 years away :(


Also would Steam OS solve any of this? Bring my games to me on a silver platter like on console? (although on console it's like a dirty bronze platter vs a titanium one, none the less it's still a platter that the PC doesn't have)


I just really really want to have fun PC gaming an not have to fuck around trying to fix something that someone get's payed $50 an hour to do.

If every game you ever tried to play had some sort of game breaking/distracting or general problem with it would you be happy ay?

What games do you mainly play? Maybe I actually happen to be playing all the bad ports.

Like Dead Island is just simply unplayable! If I ran up to you and sold you a gold watch for $100 bucks that turned to dust when I turned the corner, you'd be pissed.

Dead Island is buggy on consoles too. I really don't like it.

This is my library, there are many like it ... but I actually do play my games and love them (mostly).

I am more of a retro player, and into twitchy old school shooters, that's why I'm not sure where to point you to. What genres are you into? I don't play RPGs.

Hmm, looks like you've got a few games for the 200-2005 era, i've always been wanting to check them, especially half life.


Well i love sandbox games with intense, emotional and realistic stories like Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV of which GTA IV is my all time favorite game, which also happens to be the worst all time PC port :'(


I've tried playing Skyrim and stuff but there's too many gaps, the story isn't grasping enough, it doesn't pull in and yell at you "listen bitch, i'm telling you a god damn roller coaster of a story and you aren't just gonna play it, you aren't just going to experience, you gonna BE IT!" I like thsoe kinds of games, but also with the sandbox option so that you can get away from the story once in a while, but there aren't many of those apart from the 2 listed before.


Other games I like though are just general shooters like COD (haha cringe, but it's still fun)

And some racing games, I should like Asseta Corsa if i can get it going.



It's annoying though, a game like Skyrim should really excite me but I just can't get immersed, it's just not that immersive compared to other games, especially like GTA and it's story vs any other sandbox story.


I do also like other types of movie like/good story telling yet "follow the path" games like Halo etc. If it has a good story that keeps you in, then i'll play it. I played Papa & Yo and it was freakin' amazing! and hopefully i'll like borderlands, I have number 2 but I have my doubts about getting to into on PC before it breaks or something :/


Also fun games like just cause and mercenaries are good, and I guess far Cry is like a more pulled in (story wise) version of them.

Ive got all the games you mention have apart from Dead Island. All work fine. Granted gta iv was a bad port to begin with but its always worked.

Have you troubleshooted your system at all?

Oh yeah and i'm definitely not a graphics whore in the bad way, I mean i do lie it of course, and it along with modding is the reason for anyone to game on a PC, it's just so far more or less I've only experienced good graphics and no working games.

Maybe i just have really bad luck.

Well the troubleshooting won't help because I've installed windows multiple times and have had mutiple different hardware configs and it's always been the same.

Would you tolerate an office suite that crashed regularly? What about a video editor that was "glitchy"? How would you react to a photo library editor that wouldn't load properly?

The fact is, the majority of pc gamers will put up with a lot of nonsense from game makers that they wouldn't put up with from other software producers.

You have fancy and expensive hardware. Just use it for productivity, video editing and such... leave gaming where it belongs, on  a toy console, and limit your PC gaming to what works well and is stable. e.g. CS:GO and such games.

That's pretty much exactly what's been running through my mind the past hour, it feels like such a waste though :/

Well the CPU will go to good use because i'm doing a lot of music production but I can't see the GPU being any use in any production situations that i'm capable of actually doing... would it be worth it to sell the GPU for a console? (DUN DUN DUNNNN, i feel really dirty)

I'm sure there will be still a bunch of non taxing games that I can play on my PC with a low end fill er in GPU but  is it worth it? It such a confusing question, like holy shit I would 300 more than what ever the current console price is for them to put a 970 and maybe that celeron G3258 just to make them run HD, because next year they're gonn able back down to 720p as a standard unless the gaming industry stops innovating.

Rockstar and Ubisoft are both really bad with their ports I just stay away from them.

If you want a sandbox game that runs right play Just Cause 2

Steam OS is too limited in my opinion I prefer to run steam on normal Linux. But you don't seem keen on tinkering so it might be what you are looking for just remember the library won't be as large as windows.


A few of the games you mentioned are known to be shit. GTA IV is a collosal shit on the PC. Dead Island while I enjoyed it is broken and clunky. Sleeping dogs is fantastic provided you have the specs to run it, for me it was great on a 6300 and 7870. Modern Warfare, I have no idea about but why are you playing it? Doom is just plain old. And Asseto Corsair is new and beautiful, controller is something extra.

For all these I will send you over to it won't have every fix but it will have the vast majority and if it does not have a fix you know of add it. Let's Fix PC Gaming.

Other than that, unlike console PC is buyers deware. Devs will be lazy, ports will be broken, configuration range in the millions and you cannot always be sure of quality. Do some research before buying and failing that google is your friend.

You seem to have been extremely unlucky.


EDIT: On the other reside of it I have a ps3 and it is always crashing and needs a hard drive rebuild once a month on average and it is only used for rock band and Netflix. The PC has been infinitely more stable. There are a few quirks sometimes when loading a game for the very first time but once I fix them I, other than one or two select cases, never have issues again. 

I am honestly amazed that you are had such bad time, this is like someone adversly annoyed by water to me. Simply baffling.

I think that Steam In-Home Streaming has made PC-gaming a lot more enjoyable as of late. It's already a big improvement. It works great, even on hybrid networks.and with very low-grade client devices. It's the start of an improvement of the PC game ecosystem: when games are running in linux, and they can be played in a normal social environment, the two major problems with it are solved.

Another huge problem is the bad quality, the crashes, etc... but those are not necessarily always due to bad ports, those are often due to ever worse MS-Windows quality. Relinquis quite correctly made the remark that noone would tolerate an office suite that crashes all the time... but the fact is... that's exactly why the enterprise world, insofar they still use MS-Office, uses MSO2003 and 2007, because those random crashes and just bad interface and software quality problems have gotten so bad after those versions. Most enterprise users I hear have told me that Office 2013 is virtually unusable, and just a chaotic mess, completely unsuitable to get any work done on it, and it crashes regularly too, with loss of work as a consequence. So does Windows 8.1 by the way, it crashes applications randomly. This problem is being solved for the gaming world by Valve's decision to move to linux, but that path is a difficult one, especially since Valve itself seems to like to boycott the linux games in comparison to the Windows versions. The best example is CS:GO, which was severally nerfed by Valve to make sure players using the linux version wouldn't benefit from the better linux base to get an advantage over software console players. There was a native version at some point, but now there is a wrapped version, just because Valve doesn't really support linux all that much, they only support their own linux-based software console.

Remains the huge problem that there are hardly any PC games, but most PC games are console ports. This is a structural industry problem, that cannot be solved, because it's a corporate world, and the PC gaming industry is completely under corporate control, even "indie" games can't make it unless Valve lets them. Fact is, game manufacturers make games for hardware consoles, because those offer the best guarantee of maximum profit, because - well - PC gamers don't like to hear that, but there are exponentially more hardware console gamers out there than PC gamers, and as PC gaming moves from software console to linux, DRM is getting less reliable, and game manufacturers want to squeeze every last penny out of the consumers...

PC Gaming was a liberation, and unless a lot of people involved with game development join the open source movement, it's never going to return to its old glory again, because of corporate greed, because of mismanagement, because of MS-Windows, because of all the things that are wrong with the IT industry.

Hardware console gaming isn't always a lot better though. With what certain console-exclusive games cost, you could buy multiple computing devices that run open source software and are under your control. The extortion model on hardware consoles is even stronger than on software consoles.