How profitable is Bitcoin?

I was thinking. Since I just finished my X99 rig (5820k, 7870) I've been waiting for tons of crap I have to download. It's literally going to take around a week for my software library to be saturated. A lot of the process is waiting so I figured why not have it do something useful during that time: mine. I just want pocket change so I can buy new parts and the like. Does it degrade hardware quickly? I know people warn others about buying products used for mining but I'm not completely sure as to what separates them and products used for long gaming sessions. I'm new to this and like I said, some pocket change would be nice.

You're not going to make any form of real money with that hardware. It's going to cost you more in part degradation and power.

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Thanks. I was a bit skeptical.

If you want to mine BTC you need a beastly ASIC miner instead. You are just going to waste your time and money if you mine on PC hardware.

If you want to earn money from crypto currency you could start speculating instead. Buy some BTC wait for it to raise in value, sell it. Buy some other currency or wait till BTC falls again buy back, etc. etc. You will see a pretty big rise in the interest for BTC at the moment, because of what is going on in Greece.

The only way bitcoin is profitable now is with an ASIC miner and power that costs less then 10c per Kw

It's not really profitable at all. I still have about 10 bitcoins that I haven't cashed in because im hoping the price goes up so I can actually make my money back.