How often should I replace a surge protector?

I have been using a surgemaster II from 1999...The thing goes through at least 3 power outages a year

Should I chuck it? I can quickly get a lower end tripp lite from the college store if I need to.

It still claims to be protecting what's plugged in (I thought it died on several occasions when I had to leave it off for a bit)

It's probably pretty beat... looks almost new which is funny considering it's age.

before your house burns down  ... no really change it ... and don't cheap out

I think that most manufactures recommend a five year life.

a surge protector is great, but a furman is better, not only does it protect from surges, it also is a power conditioner. I use one at work in order to make sure my gear is protected from the power at unknown venues.

Hmm...I don't really have a place to stuff a rack shaped power conditioner. ..

Would the box shaped tripp lite ones be just as good?

The tripp lite surge protectors are awesome...also RF filtered.  I recommend changing them every time they take a large surge (lightening, etc.).  The good ones are made to just stop working when they are no longer effective though.  I use APC backups on a lot of my equipment, and for things that are just surge protected I use Tripp Lite.


If those rack arms/wings (what ever they are called) are removable, then it may become an option.

Could have it sideways or under something lightweight

Did you notice better audio/sound performance with it in use? Or is it used simply for safety. 

I would be plugging in a lot of electronics/my life and not audio, but I still plan on getting some sort of ups or conditioner... just want to look around a bit. 

Running the vacuum or dryer sy home seemed to cause power fluctuations, heavily (Blew a few bulbs at one point), not sure about the power in my dorm room ..Could be better of worse...I don't know

I would end up changing them multiple times a year. ..

How does every 2-3 years sound?

hmm...I think I need a new surge protector after reading this thread lol. I haven't unplugged mine in a year because last time I brushed against the plug a spark flew out (my PC was folding at the time) and it scared the shit out of me, thankfully nothing bad happened, but now I feel paranoid about it.

Your just probably drawing a shit ton of power.

A spark can suggest you need to replace the outlet. Every single outlet in my house sparks or melted because they are old. Replace them.

I'm assuming n your folding machine was expensive...

Apparently APC makes surge protectors that self destruct at their end of life.

Where Tripp Lite will turn into a standard strip...not too much of and issue as long as I replace them regularly, right?