How often do you go to shows?

I try to see my favorite bands whenever they are playing within an hour to two driving distance. Since 2006 I have gone to 12 shows and 2 festivals. I know its not all that much but I go as much as I can. Amon Amarth is playing in San Francisco in February! Can't wait. \m/ It will be my 3rd time seeing them, and hopefully 3rd time meeting them. 

FUCKING SERIOUS!? I'm going to that show! Though I loath the thought of driving in SF in a 1.7L 4cyl 5-spd manual.

I used to go to shows every week, back when I was living in London. I would frequent metal bars and clubs, and sometimes you could drink with the bands that were playing the area.

My friend was so drunk that he was crowd surfing in his underwear at a Sabaton concert. They recognised him the next day, and each member of that band bought him a pint.

No word of a lie, London RAWKS

Awesome! I got some of my friends coming down and crashing at my house that night. Should be a sweet show!