How often do you drink coffee?

I drink it twice a day, both in the morning... Feeling like im gonna be drinking 3 in the morning in like 2-3 years. lol

I drink it once or twice. Usually french press. 

Yeah, ah... Horrible addiction. Was having maybe 5-6 a day. Eaither espresso (Garry Coleman "Short Black") or double strength caffe latte and maybe a Red Bull or V here and there... Then came the the increased blood-pressure.

Worst was when I pulled a 72 hour working "day" (hospitality and freelance animation)... Something like 8 stong coffee's, 3 Red Bull's and heaps of water.... With an Irish coffee to boot.

I haven't had a coffee for two weeks and have now opted for tea. Usually herbal stuff. 
Feeling much better.  

Drank 2-6 cups daily for last 5 years.

Just quit taking any caffeine entirely as a habit. I will drink black tea on rare occasion to get through the day if I did not get a full nights sleep.

Can't recommend it enough. After initial two weeks of misery and low energy, I have a nice even supply of energy during the day - naturally.

Quit it. You wont miss it after a month. Its unnatural and unnecessary in most circumstances.

I only drink coffee when I rarely need it. I just make sure I get enough sleep instead. I prefer tea because it just leaves a better after taste. Plus I got alot to choice from anyway.

If you guys want to try something different. Try "Egg coffee" method because it oddly taste pretty dam good.

used to have espresso every day, finally cut it down to once a week

I used to live on 3-4 single shot flat whites every day since our office has a fantastic espresso machine. Now I limit myself to one first thing in the morning.


I drink anywhere from 0-10 cups of coffee in a normal day. I do just fine without it, but I just like it.

Once a day, I can live with out it as well. If on a work day and I don't drink coffee, I drink like 3 cups of tea at work.

When i was working midnights i would pound back anywhere between 2-5 cups, generally using hot chocolate for sweetening the taste and just black with sugar on the harder days.


Miss having a cup every now and then but being able to work without it is nice.

Since I started University anywhere from 1-4 a day try to keep it at two if I can. Would like to kick the habit and try some teas as enko mentioned but I don't know how I would make it through these all night study sessions haha

Wow. You guys make me feel horrible about myself. I drink about 12 cups in a 24 hour period on average, usually 3 4-cup servings.

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When I am in the mood for it. I'm mostly for tea majority of the time, Sunset Spice is my flavor

Drink tea, not beer. Tea is more healther and also comes in many more flavors then beer! HEHEHEHEHE. I said that in my recent Vlog. :P

I only drink coffee when I'm going on a road trip, or a really need to stay up late and get things done.

Animals as Leaders. Nice.

Anything more than 1.5 cups wreaks havoc on my digestive system so i rarely drink more than that a day. I don't drink it for the caffeine. My body doesn't like the effects of caffeine. I just drink it cause I love coffee :)

I have a tea problem... 4-6 16ounce servings of daily.

Multiple times a day; a cup of french press in the morning, a double or quad shot a few hours later, with my lunch sandwich, a dry cappuccino later in the night, and another french press an hour or so before bed. I don't drink for the caffiene, I drink for the flavor. My go-to drink is a ristretto americano; you could call me addicted, but I just drink it for the taste, not to get caffienated.

Coffee. Not beer.