How much watt can a GTX 970 handle?

I got a GTX 970 AMP! ECE and i want to mod the bios, the question now is how high can i set the TDP?
Maxwell II Bios Tweaker shows that 151 watt is the "normal" (100%) TDP and 160 watt is the "max" (106%) TDP.
I would like to set the normal to 200 watt and the max to 220 watt but can the board handle this?
I read that it uses the reference design with four phases for the GPU, one for the VRAM and it has 2x 6pin power connectors.
I know that this means it COULD use up to 225 watt (75 from the pcie slot and 2x 75 from the 6pin connectors) but can it handle that over a longer period?

I would not go over 110%, so a 110 watts.

160 watt is a 160%. the board are not meant to handle anymore than that.

The TDP of a GTX 970 is 145 watt not 100 watt! (look at the nvidia site for infos)

The "AMP! Extreme Core Edition" is the weakest AMP! card. It only has 4+1 (+2 AUX) power phases. So I wouldn't mess with the TDP limiter.

If you wanted to mess with the BIOS, what you should have bought is the "AMP! Extreme" that has 8+3 (+2 AUX) power phases:

So don't mess with it, you'll burn it out. The extended software TDP range should be close to the max.

OK, thanks for the reply.