How much latency would Club3D CAC-1085 introduce when using it with the KVM?

I got this KVM from the store 1.4 Display Port KVM Switch - Dual Monitor - Four Computer — Level 1 Techs

and originally I planned to use it with 2 monitors that have DP1.4.

Then I found out that I can use adapters like Club3D CAC-1085 to convert DP1.4 to HDMI2.1 and that opens up the possibility that I can use an OLED TV instead of one of the monitors.

My first question is, can this work?

And my second question is, how much latency would that add to the display signal? Would it affect gaming too much? Or should I just get the best DP1.4 display that I can get? (non OLED for now).

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