How much could I get for an old computer to jump start custom build

Hey guys. I have an "old" dell xps 8500. It has a i5 3350p, 8 gigs of ram, and 1gb radeon 7550m. I have recently gotten into streaming on twitch and I NEED a new computer to be able to improve my stream quality. I don't currently have any money but I have a few things that I am looking into selling. I wont be able to save all of the money from selling those things, probably would only get to keep 3-4 hundred dollars from those sales, so I am looking into the idea of selling my desktop to get the money to get my new computer. I don't want to be with out a desktop unless I could get enough from selling it to build a machine powerful enough to stream with at higher quality. I would go the route of swapping out the psu and gpu in this machine, but dell is dell and they don't make anything easy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

Depends on how old the parts and if those parts are still relevant today

Sorry I didnt read your post only the title. You should be able to sell it for $500 to $350. Good Luck. I recommend Craigslist.

If you cant sell it for a decent amount. you can run R7 270x or 760gtx with your stock psu because dell sold xps 8500 with 7870 if you have the 460 watt one . that would make a nice system. 

I do have the 460 watt version. If the 760 will work in the system then I will probably go that route for now. Thanks guys.

If you can swing it, I would recommend going with either a 770 or a 280x instead of a 760. The difference in price is worth it.

Would the 770 work with the 460 watt psu in my current rig, cause if I cant just get the gpu and put it into this rig then I would have to go with a 760.

So long as you have the pcie power connectors required, it should be perfectly fine. My system with a 280x doesn't pull over 300 watts, so you should be just fine.

I just found out last night that my psu is only rated to 25 amps so I wouldn't be able to run the 770. I'm kind of thinking about just getting a new psu and grabbing a 780, but my current case has no ventilation other than the psu exhausting and the fan on the cpu heat sink so I'm hesitant to throw anything to powerful and hot in there. I'll probably end up building a new rig with a 760 or if I can some how swing it a 770. Thanks for all the help guys.