How mount & configure pre-owned Intel Optane H20 SSD on a New Dell 5410 PC?

Hello all!

I have the OPTANE H10 ssd and im somewhat satisfied with it.

But after watching the review from LEVEL1TECH youtube ive decided to purchase a Used OPTANE H20 SSD and to manually install and configure on my new Dell 5410 (which has a SKhynix SSD but some others 5410 versions have H20 pre installed into them )

Windows wont recognize the H20 both with the enclosure and on the M.2 slot.

after doing some research online found that in order to boot this per-owned module Ill need to use linux to load the drive as sda/sdb and use the " DD " command delete METADATA & Format the drive and only then boot with a fresh Windows install

but It seems that both of my old and new laptops wont even recognize it when trying to mount it VIA my ASUS Rog Enclosure, even tho I used “DD” and the intel RST driver is installed on both of them!

*looked into the BIOS options of laptops and RST is ON and everything else is seems to be fine…

any expert who can pull even a short answer ??