How many kills in BF3 with DAO-12?

How many kills do you have on your BF3 account with the DAO-12?

I have 3058. Of which 377 were headshots and I had an overall accuracy of 58%

That's pretty good.

I don't mean to brag, but I have 22 kills with the DAO-12, 2 of which are headshots. Overall accuracy of 51.5%.

Better question: How many kills with the MASS/DART under the M-416?

On the Xbox I was one of these scumbags lol.
On the PC though I did not use it because I knew it was cheap and it got nerfed by the time I played on PC.

When it happened(the glitch), I used it every single match until they nerfed it. I think I got something like 5000 kills by the time they did?

how many with the smoke nade in bf bc2? I have 639 kills with it. 69 of those are head shots. 20% accuracy.

hahaha managed to piss off the entire enemy team with the DAO 12 one time and almost got kicked too. I was playing on Noshar Canals and had 80-something kills with that gun alone in that match

sounds familiar. I played so much TDM on Noshar canals.

It was just recently like a few days ago on the Australian servers that only plays Noshar. @LinuxMaster9

When I played competitively in Bf3 I had to use the m16 which annoyed me, but other then that and the m416 try harding I liked using weapons that required this thing called skill. Oh yeah and if you've never done adad spam nad never scoped in with an mp7 its hysterical.