How many hours did you play Skyrim before beating the main quest?

Title says it all. How many hours did you play Skyrim before beating the main quest? Or did you at all, are you like me with huge playtime and a yet unfinished main story?

I thought it would be fun to see what the average playtime is in Skyrim before people actually got around to finishing the main quest.

Personally…I’m sitting at 812 hours and have yet to beat the main quest myself.

I have over 1500 hours in it (my steam clocks reset before they fixed that so I don’t actually know my hours) and I still haven’t beaten the game. I haven’t even gotten so far as to choose Imperials or Stormcloaks.

Dang, you’re doing even better than me :stuck_out_tongue:

I still don’t own it. And am afraid that if I get it, I will spend time like @FaunCB did on it.

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All my time was in one summer.

How?! Did you even sleep?

Well a summer and the fall, but I went back to college in the fall XD

Probably not all my time was in that timeframe, but a good 800+ hrs at least.

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IIRC, I finished the game off after about 300 or 400 hours. But that didn’t stop me from sinking another 1000+ hours in the game.

EDIT: And I’m still trying to make my way through some of those awesome DLC-sized mods.

I think I finished the main quest in around 80 hours?

My wife, who is a part-time gamer but horrendously dedicated, finished everything for one character, including all DLC, at 307 hours. I don’t think she’s been back to it in some time (PhD track does that to a person I hear).

was probably about 20 hours into it before i started to do the main quest line but i finished it after around 100 hours. I mostly like to finish the main story fairly quickly and then go back through and dick around

So a couple relatively quick runs compared to the rest of us :stuck_out_tongue:

Finished everything except the quest for finding the 20 gem thingies (and the procedural quests) in about 150 hours on my first run.

My second run was at about 75-100 hours, and I was no where near the main quest line with plenty to still do. I am not sure if I will pick it up again.

I think about 130 hours. I played up to 153 hours before the Civil War overhaul destroyed my savefiles.

Don’t really know… I am yet to beat the main quest…

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Finished the main story relatively quickly. I only put like 130ish hours in that game, and have no interest in any DLCs for it.

30-35 hours configuring mods and doing starting quests, then another probably 20-30 hours before bailing on it because of a story-halting bug.

I finished the main quest line in Skyrim relatively early on, possibly around 15-20 hours in. My approach is to dedicate time for the story between side quests or I know I’d skip it.

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More people than I thought that never got around to finishing it lol

I started the main quest 3 times. Every time it bored me to tears… And once it bugged out, so I couldn’t open a door in a dungeon…
I find I have way more fun just doing side quests and exploring and building my house and gathering crafting materials… The main quest may as well not be there for all I care.

Same here. For a good while it was as broken as a Bethesda game usually is. Another time the quest didn’t exactly break, but the dialogue went silent when an old wise man was explaining a tapestry or carving to me. Without subtitles it took a moment until I realised why we were just standing there.

Eventually I got pretty far, but have no recollection of the final fight so I guess I never did finish it.