How is your Litecoin going?

Here is how well my mining is going! How is yours?


31khash/s on my CPU and 130khash/s on my gpu. Wish I went AMD now.

Averaging about 275 khash/s on

hehe, I have always been a fan of AMD ;3 AMD is pretty awesome with their new line of Graphics

I can not tell if I'm getting any litecoins at and its kinda pissing me off. >(

anyways can anyone say that they have gotten coins from this site?

my dashboard is pasted below. I know with bitcoins on the btcguild it will tell you how much you have even if you have 0.00001 BTC. Any help would be grate.

Your Current Hashrate
318 KH/s

Paid Shares 
Your Valid: 0
Invalid: 0

Unpaid Shares 
Your Valid: 0 
Pool Valid: 14578497 

Round Shares 
Pool Valid: 14578497

Round Estimate
0.09295576 LTC

Account Balance

Round Estimate is the one your looking at.

O ok cool. I did not know at first becuase I thought I saw it go down a decimal place after not mining a whole night. Thanks!

It will go down if you do not mine. As there is a set amount of coins per round, you mine shares. As the number of overall shares goes up, your shares decrease in percentage, thus dragging your round estimate down.