How fast can a stock cpu be today?

just curious anyone have an idea as to how fast a CPU with today's tech can be made im sure that today's cpu's aren't even close to the limit

this is a super vague question. As some CPUs don't need to be fast to be powerful well others their performance is dramatically effected by clock speed. The fasts i've heard of is 100ghz, but this was on a single transistor that was submerged in liquid helium

well it wasnt an easy question to put in to somewhat clear words i just mean how far back in performance are we from what is possible

everything is "possible" unless proven impossible. Please try to reword your question.

ok say i am "incharge"at intel and i want to make the absolute best cpu possible with what i assume is the best technology they have available to them how fast do you think that would be and are the cpu's available today anything close

The fastest a stock CPU you can buy has ever been in 8.0 GHz. This was a liquid helium cooled AMD FX 8350 with all but two cores disabled. The most impressive chip i have ever seen was an 80 core CPU clocked at 5.0 GHz made by Intel.

not what i am asking im asking what do people think the fastest cpu ABLE to be made would be like and are the processors we have anything close because they obviously make more money by selling increasingly better cpus than the best possiblble

there is no answer to that question as no one knows. we may hit a wall but if humans throw enough reasources and time we will surpass it

Some HArvard guys made a transistor out of graphene and clocked it up to around 300GHz but that was quite a while ago now and I haven't heard much about it since then.

For economic reasons, engineering reasons, and physics reasons, the fastest Intel could probably make right now would be about as fast as their current most expensive chip, plus a few percent, to account for highly binned chips and some of their experimental work.

You almost seem to be implying that there's a kind of conspiracy going on here. Like Intel can make some monstrously powerful chip, but they don't, because they want you to upgrade every couple of years.

That is certainly not the case.

The fastest CPU we could make would probably carry out any task instantly. And no there in no CPU toady would come close to it.

The one i can think right now is the Amd FX 9590 running at 4.7ghz in stock