How far can I overclock my ram?

Right now I have ddr3 Crucial Sport 1600mhz overclocked to 2400mhz. The motherboard is a z97 board. And the timings are 11-13-13-35 @1.60 Volts. Can I go any further. Or will I risk frying my ram?

Try it until you fry it, then you know you hit the limit insert song here. On a serious note; you don't need to oc ram, you won't see any real-world improvements anywhere.

You can push it pretty high... but you will find out real fast if its a bad setting as the system will crash. If you hit that point then back off the speed or go higher in volts.
For ddr3 1.6 volts is likely the most you want to run, maybe 1.7 at most.

I think I could lower the voltage since I got a good motherboard. I only set it to 1.60 on the first try. I do not know if it will be necessary though.

The voltage control for the ram is on the cpu, not the motherboard. This is why 1.575 volts is really all intel recommends at most for ddr3 on haswell, as extended use at higher can result in degradation of the integrated memory controller.

So is this a bad habit? I have been overclocking memory since the Pentium 4 days. When overclocking the ram helped with the cpu overclock.

Lately the memory controllers have been getting a bit more, sensitive. Your probably fine, but like all overclocked computer components there is going to be some degradation over time. Obviously getting the voltage down to 1.575 to 1.55 range helps, but either way there is going to be some kind of degradation. That'll probably be something like in a couple years you start getting instability and need to bump the ram mhz down 200mhz or something like that. Its different for every controller, so just learn it and run with it. If you've been doing this since Pentium 4 days, I'm sure you can more than handle it :)

There's really no need to overclock RAM. You can just download more here:

When it comes to RAM, quantity is more important than speed.

It's made by the same company that makes Google Ultron, and that's used by NASA, so you know it's good.


Download ram? Are you on crack?

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i feel like ram clocks arent really a big deal so i vote for fuck it

Suit yourself.

I do not think you know how hardware works.

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I do not think you know how RAM works.

I was able to overclock it. So I think I know.

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I prefer pumpkin.

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Honestly in modern usage timings are more important than clocks. For example, 1600MHz at CAS 6 is going to provide better improvements (if any at all) to application performance than just cranking the clocks up. Almost nothing is saturating the bandwidth, but latency and access timing can always be better.

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Mine is some EVGA stuff that was 10 bucks cheaper then the good stuff. It runs at 1.65v stock. I think I have it at around 1.720 or so.
Most OC guides seem to recomend .10v over stock when OC'ing the CPU.
Usually on mine when I get a mem error on shutdown during a reboot adding a tad more juice makes it go away.

I like the Crucial Ballistix ram timings. They seem pretty low.