How evil is Charter cable?

Comparatively speaking, to say, Comcast, how evil is Charter? Are they evil at all? Due to the Time Warner merger, my area's cable is being sold to Charter, so I was curious what I should be expecting.

Honestly, it really depends on where you live. Where I was born and raised, we always had Charter. For us they have had reasonable prices, good speeds, no bandwith caps, and reliable connectivity. This is in Western Massachusetts.

For my friend in Minnesota who has Charter is a very different story. His prices are too high for the speed he is getting, his internet randomly cuts out for anywhere from 5 minutes to hours, and has bandwith caps.

So, it really depends. Charter can be great or evil.

Good luck.

Good point on the region area. I know my friend Lucas down in Tennessee is using Charter, he likes them. Charter is the lesser evil compared to Time Warner, Comcast, Version ETC

Thanks for the speedy responses! I do hope I get to see their better side, can't get much worse than time warner. Thanks Again.