How does this Nas build look?

Cheap nas

I am building for a senior project for the home. I might replace those hgst drives with 2 cheap WD 1TB drives just to get the point across for the project.


Going to use freenas on it. Raid 1 most possibly.

Looks okay, but with that little storage I'm wondering if a 2-bay or 4-bay prebuilt NAS wouldn't do the job. Unless you have plans to expand to more drives, of course, but the case doesn't leave much room for that.

Are you actually going to really use it for anything? Because if so you'll want ECC memory if you care about your data.

Otherwise look into the AM1 platform, you can get a lower powered CPU that'll still have 4 sata ports, and you can even run it passively.

I decided to build it for the sake of time (this project has to take a few hours), and yeah it is small, two bays only leaves me upgrade space for large hgst drives only. Thanks for the response.

The ram in the list is ECC. Other than that, do you approve of this build? Thanks for your post.

I don't believe that CPU supports ECC memory, you'd need something like a Xeon, or Opteron for that. Which is why I suggested an AM1 based build for a non ECC NAS.

Also you may want to throw in a 16gb USB for freeNAS if you don't have one lying around, it doesn't exactly need a boot drive.

And if it's in the budget get a Universal Power Supply, in case of power outage if you plan to use it long term.

Plenty of regular CPUs have full ECC support. According to Intel, the G3258 does.

The g3258 does support ECC according to their site.
The motherboard does too so I think it'll all be buttery good.
I'll look into that power supply as opposed to the one I selected. Thanks for your help.

Did not know that, that's weird, forget AM1 then I suppose