How does this build look?

How does this build look guys. Looking to run older games like BF3 on high settings and newer games like BF4 and GTAV on high and possibly in school work.

Can you reccomend any changes in parts or improvments I can make. 

Thanks in advance!


I would do this I looks good But I changed the psu to a xfx becasue its a seasonic inside and a little more powerful good psu for the price and I changed the motherboard to a z77 so you can overclock later and if you dont want to overclock is still a nice board for the money.

what would you change on this build to make it cheaper and better.

Wd blue and wd black have about the same speed (not a noticable difference), future games like bf4 and gtav will be amd optimized so it woukd be better to get a 8320, and you should never cheap out on the motherboard. 

alright thanks dude!


Changed it up to this for overclocking, this still look good?