How does the Linode x Level1Techs deal work?

They say that the user receives a $100/60-day credit. Does this mean you can’t use the $100 credit beyond 2 months?

$100/60 Day, would mean you have 60 days to use $100 in credit or lose it.
Once you’re done the $100 you’re paying for services.

So the way that I did it when I signed up was that they gave you 100USD to use for their services. Once the credit ran out, you paid for what you were using. So I had a 20USD a month plan and 100 USD to use. Do the math.

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So you could go 5 months on the free plan?

What does the /60-day mean then?

The plan when I did it a few years ago was just a 100USD credit. No time limit.

Ah ok, thanks for the info!

I did the deal about a year ago and it was $100 limited to 60 days. Pretty sure you’ll be charged after 2 months even if you don’t finish the $100 credit.

A better way to phrase it is probably $100 or 60 days, which ever comes first.

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Cool to know, thanks!

Yup, last December in 2021 when they did the $100/60-day deal for Devember, it added a $100 credit to the account that was removed after 60 days even if you hadn’t used the whole thing. So you got $100 or two months, whichever ran out first.

Ah, older post from the recommended feed, didn’t look at the date lol. Carry on.