How does my complete 1st build look?

Come the end of summer i will make my 1st offical gaming rig, once i have the funds,....

How does this look?:


cpu:               AMD FX8350      -this thing is going crazy right now

cpu cooler:    hyper 212 evo    - I'm not going to be doing any OC'ing (well maybe a little)

mobo:            990FXA-UD5      - 990 chipset and i've seen good stuff from gigabyte mobos

RAM:             G. skill 8GB 1866    -do i have to explain this?

Storage:        4x HyperX 3ks    - I LIKE SAFETY i don't like my stuff gone so i'll put all of these in RAID 10 while having plenty of FAST storage and -1 fault tolerence

Video card:   MSI HD7950 3GB -It's one hell of a card and i plan on getting a 2nd monitor not too long after my 1st

case:            bitfeniix ghost:     -I like it ALOT, and it's got good cooling and sound

PSU:             corsair pro 750W   - good for the money and quality

Monitor:        Acer G245HQlbd 1080p 23.6"       -good price and ratings, i may change for a lower bezzel


- i have a sound card

- alchemy lighting

- razer deathadder (cheap and nice)

- and already owned steel series mouse pad


My usage: Mostly gaming (minecraft, BF3, Metro2033, Saints row3, crysis maybe, Star craft), And fraps recording of some gameplay

Bottom line______         How will this do for gaming? 

AND MOST OF ALL! How do you think this will hold up for 4+ years, will i need to get a 2nd GPU for star citizen when it comes out?



(sorry for LOOOOOOONG post)

Why does everyone just go for the Hyper 212 for a CPU cooler? It's the best you can get for $30, but, contrary to popular belief, it's not a good cooler.

I also forgot to mention that as the amd and nvidia 8000/and 700 series (respectivly) come out i may swap to them, if they're in budget

Then what cooler under do you recommmend for under $60

in respect to the new graphics card cooming out they are gonna cost alot, think back to the prices you would pay when this gen stuff first came out. but if amd tickles ya fancy how about a saphire 7970 6gb model. that way you gotta plenty of vram for a dual display approach

You can't go wrong with a Cooler Master V6 GT. It's on Newegg right now for $50 with a $10 mail-in-rebate. If you can spend a buck or two more than $60, then the Cooler Master TPC 812 and NZXT Havik 140 are great too.

The V6 GT is only a few degrees warmer than the Noctua NH-D14, and with the rebate, it's only $10 more than the 212. The TPC 812 and Havik 140 both fall in between the V6 GT and NH-D14 when it comes to performance, but they're a good deal more expensive.

Everyone getting Hyper 212's should really be getting V6 GT's considering they're much better and are only $10 more after rebate.