How does mumble work

I'm in ubuntu trying to connect to the TS mumble server and it tells me on the forum I need a password but I don't see an entry for one.

What do I do!

Password can be found here:

What I mean is how the hell do i connect. I don't have an entry for a password and in trying to connect without one I don't recieve one on ping.

wtf do I do

It might be that the Mumbler server is down IIRC. I have not used it in a while and tried to connect and receive no password pop-up.
@wendell is the mumble server still available?

It says people are connected so I doubt it's down.

huh i can't connect either

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Normally when you connect for the 1st time it will ask for a password after you try to connect like a popup window. If the server is down that is another story.

The Tek Syndicate mumble has been down for a while, and for good reason.

Oh, ok. I thought it was kinda wierd that it didn't ask for a password in the connection options but that clears it up for me.

Also it said, at least in my client, over 20 users were connected. Not sure if thats conducive to anything though. If the mumble server is down indefinitely wouldn't they edit that post?