How does everyone remember paper sleeves on games copies?

I’m trying to hunt down a physical copy of FEAR 2 on PC and I keep running into people selling the game NEW, SEALED… with paper sleeve overtop of the vacuum-sealed game.


Unless i’m mistaken, aren’t paper sleeves also sealed alongside the rest of the game case when new? Who am I kidding, of course they are!? WTF?

Sooo… sketchy, confirmed? :rofl:

Not necessarily.

I bought the Monster Hunter World PS4 version when it came out and it came with either a sleeve, or not a sleeve. The only thing sealed was the actual game, you could take off the sleeve in the store.

Also if you’re unsure just have them send you a photo with the sealed game and the sleeve separate.

They have good pictures. The game case has a clearly visible Y-Fold. Sleeve is overtop of it. Eh, I guess it’s ok?

I collect alot of games and demos and such I have alot of demo discs that came with the PlayStation magazine they came in a similar sleeve to the gamestop yellow paper ones here or glued to the magazine

these I grabbed from thrift

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From actual, full releases to be specific. I just found it odd that someone is selling FEAR2 with the case sealed, but the sleeve is separated. Hmm… :thinking:

Here it is.

AH you are talking the paper sleeve over the plastic that happened alot for “games made for windows” alot of old collectors boxes are the same my final fantasy games on ym ps2 have some

i see this alot of resealed cib games too really depends on the vender how trust worthy they are