How do you remove a bios password?

I was messing around in my bios on my notebook (a Asus K53E) and accidently added two passwords and now i don't know to to remove them. It will not even let me in to my bios now. How do i go about removing these passwords? They are so annoying! Some one please help me! 

Try Removing the CMOS battery, that should reset everything and get you back in to the BIOS.

Where would that be located?

It's on your motherboard somewhere. It's usually a button cell battery. Unplug your psu, pop it out, wait 5-10 minutes (probably won't actually take this long), pop it back in, bios password is gone. You will, however, need to set everything in your bios back up.


EDIT: Just noticed you're on a notebook. Better get the screwdriver out and look up a tutorial on how to disassemble your notebook. .... can try them if u like, i doubt they will work tho. (couple have worked for me in the past on really old stuff)

Opening the laptop will void warranties and not guarantee to fix the issue, some laptops have a specific chip to store the password which are not effected by battery removal etc.

ring ASUS if all else fails.

In my experience you remove the BIOS password by "changing" them to nothing. Change them and don't enter anything when asked for a new one.