How do you print tiny QR codes?

I have seen tiny QR code stickers on various things. Since I’ve started using Snipe-IT for my inventory needs, I would like to label things with QR codes, including some small things.

I see lots of label printers but the smallest label size I’ve seen is .5" square. I know I’ve seen smaller QR stickers than that though. Something that could fit comfortably on an SD card would be great. Idk about microSD. Not sure my phone could pick up a QR code that small, but if a solution exists, I’d still like to know what it is.

Are there any of those label ribbon printers that can do QR? That would be about the right side and printing detail.

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Take a look at the Brother PT-P700

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Most home thermal label machines can only go as low as 12x12mm, so about .5" due to resolution. If you need smaller labels you will need some higher performance printer, such as Zebra GX series, those can do single dot width prints if you need it.

That looks like a home label maker, so it is limited in number of lines it can print, I don’t think you can fit a QR code in 4 lines?


No, definitely not. I glanced over 1/2" requirement of the OP

We use a Brady i7100 at work for our S/N# and 2D barcode labels that get put on our PCBs, they’re maybe 3/8" x 3/8" or so.

It’s a $2500 $4000 printer, labels are expensive too… you’re going to have a very hard time finding a printer priced for home use with the DPI to print a usable barcode that small.

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I don’t think OP actually needs small labels, he can cut larger ones.
I think the resolution / quality is more important, as @vivante mentioned

With a tiny printer.

I’m sorry


Thanks everyone for your responses!

The width is about right, but I don’t think it could print a square label?

This looks like what I had in mind, but I couldn’t find any Zebra labels that were small enough. I found this 3rd party one but it’s still 1"x1".

That is the type of media I’d like though. A roll with sticker type labels.

I don’t want to cut dozens of tiny labels.

Ha, yeah, I have a handheld Brady which I like but it isn’t networked and definitely wouldn’t cut a square label. That is basically the use-case though. A label small enough fit on a small component’s pcb. My price range is hundreds, definitely not thousands, so unfortunately can’t consider the i7100.

300 DPI should be plenty to print a small QR code. The ability for a camera to focus on something that small would be an issue way before the print resolution, no?

I’m going to try to wade through Zebra’s print media selector again to see if they have something I missed for the GX series. The jewelry labels might actually be the best option…

This looks pretty good. I might actually reach out to a Zebra sales rep to see what they have. I want to find the label I want and work my way backwards to printer options and that doesn’t seem to be possible on their site.

Oh their ecom site is way better.

But now I have to figure out what printer will take this…

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See the “Works With” tab here:

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