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How do you measure the size of GPU cards? MSI 2070S Trio vs. Fractal R6

I’m looking for a very silent 2070S card, and a lot of the options are large.

My R6 allows cards up to 305mm with the closed drive panel. But if the card isn’t higher than 140mm it should actually fit behind that panel. So it really comes down to mm.

Most cards have their size listed, and for the length it seems correct to assume the PCI slot cover isn’t included. But what about the height - do the PCIe contacts count as well or do they get measured on the length sides of the PCB/cooler?

For example, the MSI 2070S Gaming X Trio is 328mm x 140mm. The corner is slightly angled but it really is going to depend on if it’s 140mm, =<139mm or >140mm…

There are of course other cards but price and availability also play a part.