How do you feel about genetic modification to increase yields? @anyone

Hi, this thread is open to the opinion of anyone, though I would very much like to hear Logan (&Pistol)'s thoughts.

I know that you like to eat lots of organic things and don't like chemicals in your food. But I was wondering how you feel about GM crops and even GM livestock to increase yields and decrease costs.

Do you feel that it's okay in some degrees but there are areas where it should not be used at all?

Do you feel that humans should not be mess with "natural order"? Or only if it is necessary (saving a life with stem cells etc.)?

Do you feel that it's just as bad as chemicals in food?

Do you feel that it's okay to humanely modify animals?

Do you feel that GM is fine because it gives better yields with lower costs so farmers can gain more revenue?

Examples of GM:

-Seedless grapes.

-Potatoes that include a cholera vaccine.

-Corn with insect-killing gene, so that farmers need not use pesticide sprays.

-Salmon fish that mature quicker than wild, natural salmon.

This seems to be quite a controversial topic so I am interested in your view.

They talk about this in their videos often, so for their opinion, you can look there for a little insight. I think there was even a Tek, or Rant:30, about GMO foods.