How do you clean a Intel Heatsink?

I have a core 2 duo e7200... the heatsinks a tad bit dusty, and the fan looks non removable, should i just run out and buy a can of air or can i just take a q-tip to it?

i would just use a qtip.. its what i've been doing

Id vacuum it first by using the thin nozzle. and take the computer outside and air out the remaining dust.

lol the p4 my bro gave that i put in my little bros pc had a solid copper base and inner core, and the fan comes off with two clips on each side, maybe its changed?

Unclip the fan and take the thinnest knife you own and work the dust without scratching the fins.

i have done this several times the fan is in fact removable there are 2 clips on the side just lift and remove

then take a can of compressed air and blow out as much as you can then take qutips and clean out the rest

okay all! thanks for the help :D

Air compressor FTW!

Yeh compressed air is the way to go for cleaning out heatsinks, it really improves the temperature as well as allowing for even better overclocks

Air compressor!
(Or air on box.. same thing really, just that compressor is 10000 times more effective)

Nice bump green.