How do you brick a laptop on purpose?

Now, this might sound stupid, but is there any way to brick a laptop on purpose? I kinda want to help a friend here, he currently has this crappy laptop that he wants to get rid of, being a 16 year old who still lives with his parents, he's stuck with it, even if he had the money to buy a budget/pretty decent PC, his parents won't let him, they say it will make his grades lower (typical asian parents). I'm sure he'll get a replacement PC if he "bricked his laptop", since his parents usually gives him something-to-pretty-much-complete-his-life (I don't know how to describe this), like his broken Ps3, which he got a new replacement of, and his broken Razer Blackshark which is replaced by a Corsair headset.

Anyways, can any of you guys tell me methods of bricking a laptop? Thanks. ^-^

you can find a way to download a desktop bios for a laptop depending on the chipset maker and processor, and then overclock it until it breaks, its really that simple if the heat restraints dont kick in, or you could take it apart and remove the heatsink and fan and start it up multiple times, that could also kill it from heat. I dont really recommend this though, if he is 16 tell him to get a job, or do something that is more productive than sitting around, I got a job and then built my pc, if I can do it then anyone can.

He said in the post that his parents won't let him, even if he has his own money.

I say grab some tape, then cover all the vents with it then, run some stress test programs that will cause the computer to overheat. It will most likely take a few to 50 tries to kill it with heat because computers have a threat threshold that forces it to shut down at a certain temperature, unless like Jammy said flash a bios that will allow overclocking, good luck with that though.

You could just infect the laptop with virus and malware until it breaks.

Do something like take the ram sticks out so it won't boot, then pop them back in and sell it on craigslist.

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Hammer to the HDD or ram?

Accidentally "spill" your drink on it, or shove it off the counter "accidentally" so that the impact will kill the h/d and maybe the mobo...Inject superglue into the cooling fan motor and turn it on and walk away.  take off and forget to take it off the roof of the car, scrub it of all data and leave it at the bus station, no, dun do that it might cause a ruckus or a bomb scare...break the plug in and let the battery a tech I know thousands of ways to kill a machine, both through experimentation and working on them, once had a person with a new alienware lappy pour 32 oz. of diet soda into his machine, asked if I could fix it so he could keep his expensive warranty unsullied, sorry dude, ain't a miracle worker , specially when it is still dripping soda out the bottom.  

  Fun times, trying to tell the general public why it is impossible to save their machines, and helping them deal with the mostly nonexistent customer service...Shoot Me.

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Lying to his parents and destroying a working computer... sounds like a great plan.  /s

Listen man, actually bricking/breaking the laptop is a bad idea.  This could backfire in so many ways, that it isn't even funny.

What I would personally do is open the laptop up and unplug the SATA connector for the hard drive/SSD, or any other connector that make the laptop look as if it were bricked.

Well, you could always sell the laptop and say it got stolen at school or something.... 

Have it 'stolen', then claim new one on insurance.

What is to stop his parents from buying a replacement that is just as underpowered?

It is called not being entitled. He got a a laptop bought by his parents. There are tons people who would love to have a computer. Seriously tell him to get a job.

The issue isn't him not having the money for a new computer.  The issue is that his parents won't let him build/purchase one, even with his own money.

People need to start reading the actual thread instead of just the title.

And why do his pearents owe him a new computer.

They don't owe him one, that's not the issue.

The main issue is that his parents won't let him spend his OWN money that he earn HIMSELF on a computer.  So it's left him with few options, so he's looking into the option of purposely bricking his laptop so that way he'll have a reason for wanting a new computer.

So being an immature liar is the solution? Great life lesson: if you can't your get way  cheat your way to it.

I never said it was the solution, I only said it was a solution.