How do I use microphone and headphone in the same jack

I have a headset with a microphone, but it only has one jack. Is it possible to have an input/output on the same jack. I lost my splitter unfortumantly. Is it possible with the asus formula VI board?

Yes, you can have one jack for stereo sound and mic......they are called 4 pole as they have 4 sections: left audio, right audio, microphone and ground.

I doubt your onboard sound will support it, it is more of a mobile phone interface. 

If your board doesn't support them and you have a spare usb slot there's always an adaptor.

Guess i'm goingm to have to give up and get a new splitter.

are you looking for something like this..

$2.10 at deal extreme (or as i like to call it my walmart)