How do I monitor hardware and make sure it's running correctly?

Just finished my first build on Friday (actually last Tuesday but PSU was DOA so had to get that taken care of).  Anyway, gamed all weekend and performance was beyond my expectations, but how do I know everything is running right? And how do I check temps and whatnot? I downloaded CPU-z and played Minecraft in a window and watched my CPU boost up to 3.6GHz, but couldn't find anyway to check temps, or GPU.  I also looked at the memory in CPU-z while playing Minecraft and it was running at 650MHz... I heard something about doubling that number, but that still doesn't equal 1600MHz.



Cooler Master Hyper 212+

Corsair Vengence 1600MHz (2X4GB)

MSi N660ti PE/OC

Corsair TX750M (oversized, but future plans for SLI)

Cooler Master HAF 912

WD Caviar Blue 1TB 


HW montior... by the same guys as cpuz


Cool, that looks helpful.  Any idea why my RAM isn't running at 1600?

Probably just defaults at 1333, enable its XMP in the bois and it should run at rated speeds

You checked the BIOS?

Ok thanks I'll check it out in the bios.

I enabled XMP in the bios, which automatically set it at 1600, but when I check it in CPU-z, it still says 672... What gives?

cos its a multiplyer (times 2)

I have 1333MHz RAM, im only running it at 1066MHz tho (in bios),  CPUz is picking it up as 667Mhz (667x2=1334) meaning it knows its 1333MHz RAM. (SPD TAB)

but because im only running it at 1066MHz (in bios) CPUz shows it running at a speed of 533MHz (533x2=1066) (MEMORY TAB)

So you wanna look at the memory tab (dram frequency) section to see what is actually running at.


I just realized I didn't restart after changing it in the bios.  I restarted and now it shows it running at 807.  Cool.  All squared away now.  Thanks guys for helping out a noob!