How do I hide devices from being ejected?

I have a few devices I can eject from my computer and I want to hide them so I do not accidentally eject things like the OS drive. How can I do this? I have seen registry hacks that are supposed to do this, but I do not want to do that if I do not have to. Also I'm on windows 7.

Devices that are wired through sata can not be normally ejected like a USB device. I have a USB to SATA adapter and that can't be ejected either. I don't see why you would be running your OS off an external drive if you are. If you are able to see that you can eject your OS drive, even if you tried, the OS itself will not let your because the device is in use.

The internal drives which are connected via the on-board sata controllers show up as eject-able.

That's odd, I have never seen that before but like I said you can't eject a device in use unless you physically unplug it. Or are you asking this because your internal drives have successfully been ejected before?