How do I get the internet I'm paying for

I am paying $41 for 3mbps from AT&T. Using I never see it go above 1.3mbps. Sometimes when downloading games from Steam it jumps to 3mbps but it is very rare. I was just wondering if there is a way to get the full 3mbps all the time. I would also like to upload videos but with .3mbps it isn't going to happen. I am wired using a Linksys WRT160n V2 router and a Speedstream 4100 modem. Everything is using CAT5 cables.

Holy Krampus Batman, 41 a month for adsl, crap on at&t and find a better I.S.P. to use.


rocco makes a good point but...

there are many variables on your side to check first, your hardaware, network settings network cables?

are you wired or wifi connected? if wired use at least cat5e cables, buy the shortest cable to fit your need as length = empedance.  browser setting to maximize too. network cards send and receve buffers . check all those and be confident your side is tweaked then get the att techs to vist you for them to tweak their side

I have a feeling it's the modem on my end and AT&T being greedy on their end.

i would consider switching isp's, and getting a pretty impressive promo rate for a year or two, might even be able to go back to at&t afterwards and get their promo (or maybe not)

it's not a long term solution, but it's something to consider, and something i try to do, i'm paying at&t $25~30 for 6Mb/s (which i am utilizing all of at the appropriate times) and when they start asking for more probably going to switch to time warner

Their cheapest "high speed internet" is $41 and their best DSL plan, what I believe you are paying for, is 6mbps and cheaper, logic. A week or so ago the plan I'm paying for went up in price to $41. I'm moving at the end of this month and I'm going to switch to Bright House. I wish their page said the price of the plans..