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How do i get ethernet to work on win10? - Solved



I go to network and internet in win 10 status is not connected. There is no ethernet option. Only gives me the option to connect to a wifi network. I do troubleshoot. Troubleshoot says the problem is i haven’t set the wireless network as default. I press skip this step. It sets it to default regardless. I disconnect and set wifi to off and to only turn it on manually. Then I do troubleshoot again, and it says the problem is i set wifi to manual only. I click skip this step, but then it does it anyway! How do I just get the bloody ethernet to work?! Why do my motherboard have no problem updating my uefi through my ethernet but windows doesn’t detect it?


When you plug a network cable in it should detect it automatically. If it’s not check/replace the cable and make sure the port it’s plugged into is on.


ethernet port lights up. I had no problem updating my eufi on the internet without logging into a wireless network. But windows does. driver issue maybe?

edit: yep, that was it.


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sounds like the network card isnt installed, you can check device manager to see if its listed as whatever windows notes in this case, it would be popped out of the tree and have a yellow icon.

if not seen in device manager then try the laptop downloads page. sadly this could have a few different options. if its more then one ethernet option on your models download page you could grab a 3rd party hardware info app like siw? if i remember that right.

or look on the bottom of your laptop for a list of MAC addresses and look up what company makes your ethernet card


Issue is resolved.