How Do I Flash A GPU?

Long story short: Got my 580, yay, doesn't work in windows 7, fuck, have to use 10, because I'm using 10 I have to get new wifi cards, my pci one won't work because windows kernel panic's, but there might be a way....

If I am in 7 with my 580 and 580 drivers, no games start. 7 is the latest windows that can use my pci wifi card and I want to use that because the upload and download speeds are great. With USB ones it goes up to like 4.5 and thats all I get. These are intertwined don't worry (though I am falling asleep in my chair so I might be revising this in the morning).

With my want for a billion FPS and good streams, I need both this one wireless card and my 580 and to do this 7 is needed. Above 580 issue prevents me from playing even age of empires 2. So, would flashing my 580 to a 480 help resolve this issue in any way?

"Ok why not use pcie wifi"

Is that were an option I wouldn't be here. Sadly, my GPU covers up the 1x slot on my lenovo board.

"Use ethernet noob"

House ain't wired for it but the router is below me. I am not allowed to drill a cable though :expressionless:

"What 580 do you have?"

This one:


I need windows 7 for many convoluted reasons involving wifi, streaming and my new RX580. Games don't run because of my 580 though, none even start. If I flash my 580 to a 480 will my issues resolve? Do you guys have 7 and a 580 / 480 and does it / does it not work for you? How did you make it work? How do I flash a bios to my GPU?

Thanks, time for bed.

no changing it to an RX480 will NOT make it run better....please dont gimp a perfectly good card! but with that said, if you are interested in flashing vid cards get one with a bios switch so that if you brick it with one bios you can switch over to the stock bios and its still good and you can then simply reinstall the good firmware on the broken bios....also choose one of the two bioses and NEVER flash to it, keep it stock FOREVER...if you dont have a switch there are usually ways to still recover your bios but they would require you to use a second gpu in the same system (iGPU would work, or even just some cheap POS in another slot, its why i still have a few PCI, NOT PCIe cards laying around, just in case)....honestly there is a LOT to all of this i would strongly suggest you start out by reading forums and all that on ...they have bioses to download and instructions for stuff and all that....also, are you NOT using 64-bit drivers? because as for the RX-580 you shouldnt have aproblem with windows 7 with 64 bit drivers:

again there is a LOT to go through here, it isnt for the faint of heart but it is also super fun and satisfying to mess with this stuff, but honestly if youve never done it before (sorry if i am making an assumption that you havent and i am incorrect btw) then i would suggest starting to try it with an old used card thats not worth much before you jump into swapping firmware on brand new gear

One thing to note on the RX480s which may apply to the RX580s is that if the GPU has Elpida RAM (GPU-Z will tell you that) Then don't use the Polaris BIOS Editor 1.4

Unless it's been updated and specifically states it is compatible with Elpida RAM. I'm wary of using 1.4.1 which was supposed to fix this.

Otherwise you can use ATIFlash to save and re-flash a modded BIOS. Use the original GPU saved BIOS file as a template as using one from another GPU can make the driver fail to load in Windows (Certainly Win10) and then requires more patching to load them.

This URL is as good as any place to start reading at the top the site states 5xx GPUs may not be doing the driver check but 4xx BIOS's do.

Yeah I have the right drivers, system is up to date, everything SHOULD BE fine..... BUT NOTHING STARTS

I'm not sure why your 580 isnt working in looks like most manufacturers have a driver for it. It might be worth a shot to try getting wireless in 10 to work. What wireless card are you using? I bought some PCIe wifi cards from 2 different manufacturers and the driver from one worked with the other because they were the exact same chipset.

Is there a forced air vent near it? I was able to run ethernet upstairs to mine with out drilling by routing it through the hole the vent was already in. Just a thought.

Theres a cold air return way across the room but I don't have a cable that long.

Use a supported OS

But have you tried reinstalling drivers lol

The issue turned out to be that W10 changed my bios settings during updates. I had changed 2 things and when I looked everything was scattered.

Also I've flashed GPUs before, trust me you do not want to do it unless you legitimately have a gpu with a dead bios lol.
In my case I had two Kepler ES Quadro k6000s that had a ES BIOS that drivers would flat out not install on so I flashed it to be the retail BIOS and they worked... Better. Lol.
But messing around with DOS and possibly frying your GPU is not a good idea unless you know it's a legitimate vBIOS issue.

Well I was thinking my problem was 7 didn't know what to do with a 580. I have seen W7 machines with 480's, so make it a 480 and maybe it will work?

Its all fine now and W10 will be fucking off this machine ASAP.

Your problem is windows 7 lol.

Mmmmmno because it started doing that shit in 10 a few hours ago. Thats when I checked the bios. Its fine now.

Win7 is the new XP, and I don't mean that in a good way lol.
Also why did you buy a 580 if you are never going to use DX 12 or vulkan :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll use vulkan plenty, but I am going to have a windows install booted more often now that I have QC.