How do I fix a sodimm ram slot?

Recently my friend broke the little clips on the ram slot on his Intel nuc. How can we fix it?

Post a picture.

But short story is, if you’re the type of person that needs to ask this question, the answer is “you don’t/can’t fix it”.

Working on small parts like that requires tools, skills, knowledge and time to do it right. Which means if you could fix it you’d already know how.
But I can’t say that for certain until you post a picture.

Unless you’re really lucky (post pic) and the damage is very very Minor it might be fixable with a pair of tweezers. But chances are your friends Intel NuC is done for.


If you have a 3d printer you could print a brace of somekind but hen again:

A toothpick is not long enough to keep the dimm down right?

(placing it across the dimm from side to side.)


Solution #1 can maybe be done if you don’t have a 3d printer.

Solution #2 can be done if you have a 3d printer and the bottom dimm is still working properly.
(The green bars are the dimms from side view and the red thing is what has to be printed.)

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An alternative is to stretch a strong rubber band across to keep the latches tight for example #1 as per the image.

However I was under the impression that it was not the latches but the actual electrical clip pins in the DIMM slot that where damaged.

These thin bastards:

Which is usually a FUBAR case if those get damaged. The latches though however can easily be fixed with a piece of card and rubber band. have done that several times even with wire if it had to be strong. But that’s a rather precarious solution that requires preparation by insulating the ram and mainboard.

nuff said.